Being healthy isn’t just about exercising 3 times a week and eating salad every morning 14 days, it’s about adopting a new or enhanced lifestyle.

Whenever I think about being healthier my mind gets tired because of how much exercise I think I’m going to have to do. Although I do workout most days, sometimes I slack off and instead of having a cheat day I have a cheat month while reassuring myself that “As soon as I finish this donut I’m going to get back on track to being healthy”.

Today I’m not just going to talk to you about exercising and keeping fit but instead about being healthy holistically, so here we go 12 tips to have a healthier life:


1 – Are you getting enough sleep?

Adults should be getting a minimum of 6-8 hours sleep. Sometimes I find myself run down after a hard week of University/Work simply because I haven’t slept enough. I even find that I am way more irritable than usual which doesn’t help at all when I’m working with a team or trying to accomplish my goals. Which takes me unto my next point.


2 – Are you getting complacent with life?

Now you might be thinking, “what on earth is this woman talking about?” But, it’s a genuine question. How are your goals in life? Are you setting new ones, or have you just got bored and going with the flow of life? I tend to find that when I’m not working towards bettering myself or accomplishing something new it affects me mentally. Us as humans love learning new things. From you were born you were trying to LEARN how to walk and LEARN how to understand whatever language was being spoken around you. It’s essential that we never stop learning!

Are you getting complacent with life


3 – How is your breathing?

Before you think I’m crazy, when is the last time you took a deep breath? Or when is the last time you took 5 minutes out of your day to concentrate on your breathing? As well as keeping us alive, deep breathing isn’t just for relaxation. It detoxes our immune system and even alleviates pains and aches that we have some times. My favourite thing that deep breathing helps me to do is think clearly. As a Blogger, YouTube Content Creator, Photographer and Videographer as well as a Full Time Nursing student I get really stressed sometimes with millions of creative ideas and medical terms floating around in my head. It can be so overwhelming, but just by simply taking 5-7 minutes out of my day to concentrate just on my breathing I immediately feel better and think clearer.

How is your breathing?


4 – How much do you love yourself?

This is getting a bit deep guys, but sometimes I have to ask myself this question. I’m an introverted extrovert with a melancholic nature and one of my character flaw is that I loveee to people please. I like making people happy, even if its to my own detriment. I go out of my way to make people happy. That’s all great and everything, but sometimes it deters me from from loving myself and investing in myself. When I realised this I decided that everyday, I’m going to have some “me time” where I do what I want, when I want, how I want, with who I want (which is myself lol). So please make some time and invest in yourself whilst you invest and help others, because how will a burnt out candle lead the way for other people to see in this world of darkness? Wooahh- yep that was way too deep moving on lol.

How much do you love yourself


5 – Have conversations with yourself in the mirror.

You’ve probably thought I’ve lost my mind but we were just talking about loving yourself and I didn’t want to break my trend of thought. Anyway, Looking at yourself in the mirror and talking to yourself and telling yourself how amazing you are is one of the ways in which I get myself to feel good about who I am. It also motivated me to be better and do better and strive higher to get closer to my goals. I kind of give myself a pep talk in the morning. Especially when I’m going out with no makeup or I’m going to meet a brand or a company, or even if I’m just going to lectures because once you have confidence in yourself- nobody can take it away.

Have conversations with yourself


6 – What is your purpose?

If you don’t have a purpose, you won’t know where you’re going. If you know what your purpose is then GREAT! As a 20 year old (going 21 #Scary) sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing, I get upset with myself when I don’t think I’m where I want to be and I KNOW how difficult figuring out your purpose on earth can!! So if you haven’t figured it out 100% make a responsibility that everyday you put sometime to figuring out your purpose (this can be apart of our “me” time as well).

What is your purpose

7 – Learn to say no.

I’m not going to lie, but I haven’t figured this one out fully. I find it really difficult to say no sometimes. But, with that said I’ve been developing a little trick to help myself so no (even to my friends). The trick is to always have something to do. It sounds really silly, but it works allll the time for me. When my friends ask me to hang out with them when I really just want to be comfy at home, I tell them “I’m sorry guys but I’ve got something really important that I need to get done, maybe next time?”. Now important is subjective so it doesn’t matter if they don’t find reading while eating popcorn important to them, it’s important to you and don’t feel bad after saying no just because you want to go home and relax instead of eating out with your friends. Plus, you’re saving money too. Now, I’m not saying you should slag of your friends all the time and never hang out with them. Just make sure you’re not always agreeing to things that you don’t necessarily want to do all the time. It’s all about finding the balance and remember, friendship is a two way street so sometimes you might have to sacrifice that “Netflix and chill” with your teddy tonight. Right- I’m going of on a tangent… NEXT!

Learn to say no


8 – Get a hobby

Basically, I’m a workaholic. I feel like I’m in my perfect element when I’ve got my head in my work. I’m super organised and I love planning everything. This might sound strange but sometimes I work myself to sickness. I never want to take a break, I want to keep going on and on and on and my loved ones have to constantly remind me that I’m not a computer. Most times I don’t listen and I end up crashing and hibernating for a couple of days. So if you’re like me who works until they’re sick, fear not because I’ve got a solution. It’s a simple fix. Find a hobby, something you enjoy doing and can do a little bit of everyday. This could be cycling, painting, anything random- and if you don’t know what your hobby is just go on a “hobby- hunt”.

Get a hobby Hobby photography


9 – Find ways of handling stress

Unfortunately, in life were going to face stress. It’s inevitable, we’re not going to ever get rid of stress while living on this planet. BUT, we can find different ways to deal with stress. I know this sounds very “cliché-ish” but I handle stress by working out and spending time every morning reading my bible and getting motivated for the day, so that when something stressful does happen I take it with a pinch of salt and keep it moving. Now I’m not saying you must do the same, but what I am sharing is the importance of starting your day well. You decided how good or how bad your day goes within the 1st 15 minutes to 1 hour that you’re awake. From experience, what you do when you 1st wake up has a very big impact on how the rest of your day goes and how well you handle situations that arise on a daily basis. So how about you start your day on a positive note by reading something meaningful to you or listening to a short motivational speech while you get ready for your day.

Handling Stress


10 – Bring a Water bottle with you everywhere you go

The sun is slowly but surely creeping out to play with as summer makes its way towards us. It may not be warm all the time, but we need to make sure we are consuming enough water to keep our bodies hydrated. I try to drink 2 litres of water a day and sometimes its really hard, so I label my bottles to identify how much exactly I should be drinking every hour or two.

Bring a water bottle everywhere you go


11 – Eat Clean & Balanced

I lovvvee chocolate and I loveee pastries and sometimes I get really carried away and eat tons and tons of it, however I have to keep myself in check because after a while I start to not feel so good about myself. Keeping a balanced healthy diet is so integral in your holistic wellbeing because it food affect every aspect of our lives, eating is how we exist. You know that great feeling that you get after you’ve eating a salad? Yes, that’s due to the neurotransmitters Serotonin, dopamine and Norepinephrine. These chemicals are responsible for the positive feelings you get when something good happens or just a positive mood in general. Now what does food have to do with this? Well, there are certain foods that promote the release of these chemicals and surprise surprise- these foods are your fruits, vegetables and protein. This doesn’t mean you’re not going to have that cheeky pizza slice or that chocolate bar. But it does mean that an effort should be made to have a clean balance diet. And not only will it make you feel better, its also good for your health!


12 – Take care of your skin

Your skin is the biggest organ you have, and many people don’t really take notice of the importance of it. It’s essential that we are carful of what we put on our skin and how we actually treat it. Make an effort to know what your putting on yourself and the chemicals your using. I love using natural products on my skin and I cream my skin using avocado oil. I love using it before bedtime, its extremely moisturising for my skin. Avocado oil is packed with vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin E, potassium, and lecithin which strengthens and promotes regeneration of stronger and healthier skin cells. We all love makeup, well I know I do. But to keep my skin fresh and feeling amazing I have a skin routine just to make sure I’m taking that extra care. If you haven’t got a routine yet, once again fear not. Afro Source has loads of natural products that you can try out to get that perfect skin care routine that you’ve been looking for.

Take care of your skin Take care of your skin


Remember that this is your body and nobody is going to care for it like you, so remember to take care of yourself, Thanks for reading.


All Photos Taken By: KenzieKreate