Detox Smoothies for healthy skin

Hey guys, at the beginning of the year one of my goals was to have flawless skin and the way I have been achieving this is through natural skin products, healthy eating and skin detoxifying smoothies. Now, I’m not a nutritionist (Just student with a passion for healthy living) however, I’m going to give you four of my smoothie recipes that I’ve been using for obtaining and maintaining great skin.


Serves 1:

  • 2 small bowls of blueberries
  • 2 handful of cherries
  • 1 beetroot

Beetberry is made up of blueberries, cherries and beetroot.

Blueberries contain antioxidants which keeps us looking beautiful and protect us from things called “free- radicals”. Our skin is made up of collagen and free radicals diminish this substance in our skin so it’s important keep our guards up by having a good amount of antioxidants to fight them away, and thus blueberries are the answer.

Cherries are also antioxidants and they help the body fight against cancer, ageing and headaches. Who wouldn’t want cherries in their lives? Beetroot is an extremely rich source of vitamins and minerals and is also packed with iron. Because of all the good nutrients it purifies your blood and when inside of your body is clean it reflects this on the outside and therefore reduces acne and gives you glowing skin. You may want to add a bit more blueberries and cherries to reduce the earthy taste given off by the beetroot.

The Tropical Detox

Serves 1:

  • Half a pineapple or a bowl of pineapple chunks
  • 1 mango
  • 2 peeled lemons (remove the white pith of the lemon as it can be quite bitter and unpleasant)

Pineapples and mangoes are like 2 peas in a pod when it comes to smoothies, but when you add a bit of lemon it just adds that zang to your tastebuds and your skin loves it too. Lemon literally bursts with vitamin C and since our bodies don’t produce it themselves we have to get it form another source aka lemons (and other citrus fruits). Vitamin C also enhances Collagen production, keeping our skin tight, its also very hydrating to the skin and makes your skin brighter. Pineapple is also very rich it vitamin C and is proven to be an effective acne treatment. Mangos contain beta carotene which is converted by your body to vitamin A. Vitamin A does many things for our skin and one if those things are repairing the cellular structure of the epidermis and thus optimising our UV protection . So you can just imagine the benefits of vitamin A and C mixed together right?

Skin Beautifier

Serves 1:

  • Handful of pineapple chunks
  • 1 lime
  • 2 apples
  • A cup of Kale
  • 10cm of Aloe Vera

Pineapple, Lime, Apples, Kale and Aloe Vera mixed together is just screaming “better skin” already! We’ve touched on the amazing benefits of Pineapple and lime is a citrus fruit which has similar properties to lemon so let me not bore you and enlighten you about the well know apple. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – the dermatologist in this case! Apples are extremely hydrating to our skin and make great face masks. If you want to know some natural face masks to make your skin glow be sure to let me know! Apples are amazing and they taste great too. It has cooling properties so if you have sunburn or if you’ve got acne prone skin and want some relief put it in your fridge or freezer for a little while and place it on your skin! You could literally have your own facial spa at home!

So guys… I’ve got a confession- Kale use to be my worst enemy but I’ve actually found a love for it. Kale flushes out toxins in your body which makes your skin more healthy. It has excellent anti- inflammatory mechanisms as its packed with vitamin K that help you put when your skin is irritated.

Now… Aloe Vera is the secret ingredient. Many people say that aloe vera is too bitter and it tastes horrible, however I disagree. When eaten with honey or masked by the sweetness of the other fruits it tastes amazing! Aloe Vera not only protects your skin but also has healing properties and is an excellent treatment for those with acne. It also has antiseptic agents and can be used as a facial cleanser that isn’t harsh on your skin. Studies have shown that it has an excellent moisturizing and antiaging effect and I love using it on my skin.

Simple Detoxifying Green Smoothie

Serves 1:

  • 2 Cups of spinach
  • Half and avocado
  • 2 green apples
  • 1 peach
  • a handful of grapes

Spinach, Avocado, Green apples, peaches and grapes.

Now this may seem like a mouthful but to make the perfect green smoothie you need a leafy greens and at least 3 ripe fruits to add to it. In this case I’m using 4 ripe fruits to spice it up and give it some more flavour. I absolutely love green smoothies they make me feel amazing and give me so much energy for the day. Not to mention my skin feels great when I get into a routine of drinking a green smoothie at least once a week (especially after a workout).

So my leafy green ingredient is spinach. Spinach is packed with vitamins and is also an excellent antioxidant due its vitamin A production which keeps the skin healthy and repairs any damage to the skin. Have you ever looked at someone and envied their glowing skin? Well put the envy aside as consuming spinach will give you a radiant glow as it very rich in Iron. “What does that have to do with me?” You may ask, well let me let you. Iron is very important in haemoglobin production and haemoglobin transports oxygen around your body. You may see that people with an iron deficiency look pale as the level of healthy haemoglobin cells are low- I know I’m going of on a tangent but to keep your skin looking vibrant and bright, increasing your iron intake is definitely a great option.

Avocado, Avocado, avocado! I love me some avocadoes! I could go on for days about the benefits of avocado but I’ll save that for later. Avocado is a special fruit and my skin loves it. It has a level of high oleic acid which hydrates and makes your skin soft due to the moisturizing effects it has on the epidermal layer of the skin. So if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin consuming avocado and rubbing it on your skin as a mask may just work for you.

Green apples are a great source of fibre and not only help your skin but detoxifies your organs such as your liver and your gastrointestinal system. Keeping your insides healthy is very important as it reflects on your skin. There are times when I’ve not been eating the best of foods and engaging in many secret cheat days with my donuts and chocolate biscuits and it definitely shows on my face. Green apples are not only tasty but filling as well. They also boost your metabolism and is therefore your best friend when trying to lose weight.

Peaches are your skin protectors. The antioxidant lutein and zeaxanthin have anti inflammatory effects on the skin and protect the skin from hyperproliferation of skin cells. Peaches are also good for removing dead skin cells and keep the new and current skin cells hydrated and revitalized as well as promoting  faster recovery from skin breakouts and spots.

The last but never the least fruit are Grapes. They contain polyphenols which is beneficial in having a more even skin tone is also great for sunburn as it soothes it when you mash it and apply it to your face as a mask. Grapes are highly addictive, they’re literally my “healthy popcorn” and my skin loves it. Putting a few grapes in my smoothie not only helps my skin, but makes it taste much sweeter. If you do find that your smoothies aren’t sweet enough for you, just adding sweet grapes may just do the trick.

As a student I get super stressed out really easily and my body produces a lot of cortisol– just like anybody else when they’re stressed. The problem comes when I start breaking out on my face and my skin starts looking horrible. Unfortunately, when this happens I stress out even more and then a vicious cycle of stress and skin problems begin. Fortunately, vitamin C is great for reducing cortisol and so indirectly helps you get better skin. The amazing thing is fruits not only have vitamin c but contain so many other nutrients that helps our bodies in so many different ways. To be completely honest the trick for getting great skin is a word that I struggle with and that it “consistency”. You wont see results after drinking a cup of beetberry smoothie and many factors come into play when striving for better skin, like what you eat, your skin cleansing routine, how much makeup you wear and how certain types of products affect your skin. So my advice is to be patient with yourself, things don’t naturally happen overnight and if they do- its probably not natural. Thank you so much for reading, be sure to comment how theses smoothies work for you and happy good skin days!